July 12, 2021

Harder to hear


The worst thing in management is letting someone go. Whether it’s a corporate reason that pushes your or a performance issue that forces your hand, it always feels like a failure. Someone you brought into the team, someone in whom you invested time and attention, someone you know, someone you’ve broken bread with.

When it’s time to move someone on, as soon as you know, as soon as the decision is made, show them the same respect you’d appreciate yourself. No ambiguity, plain language, full disclosure on the decision making process and what it means to them. Have all the details worked out and be clear about the process. This is way harder for them to hear than you to say, don’t make it about you.

If it’s performance related, no surprises – they should already be inside the loop on expectations and consequences.

Skippy strategy: Give them the respect you’d expect yourself.