February 10, 2023

High maintenance


The hiring process is complicated, troublesome, imprecise, effortful, protracted, and something of a crap shoot. And still, you build your team with good people with good values and good skills and a strong work ethic. Sorted. For now. Then things change. One of your best, safest, strongest bets starts to drift a little. Imperceptibly at first, then more, then – left unchecked – more people start to notice, then everyone. You can help. Remind them of their commitments and the importance of following through. Offer support and understanding of whatever issues they’re dealing with. You can be kind.

They get back on track. Great. Your universe is back in balance.

If it happens again? More understanding, more support, more help, more kindness? Or accept that high maintenance sometimes is maintenance too high.

Skippy strategy: Give most time to the people who bring most of the value, don’t waste it with those who can’t.