November 28, 2023

Hook everyone


It’s easy to imagine that everybody knows what’s going on.

That somehow – by osmosis maybe – all the little tidbits, all the intelligence, all the ins and outs, all the shifts in status, the changes in direction, the flavours of the month, the nuances of relationships, the changing expectations, the updated briefs, the daily wins and setbacks of every project, every little important thing makes its way to the relevant places in the organisation, all the time.

That without effort – by you, obviously – the entire organisation is humming with the absolutely latest status on everything.

That everything that should be known by Mary, and is in any way useful to Mary, is in fact known by Mary.

That everyone is magically inside the loop, and the loop is fluid.

But they’re not, and it isn’t.

Not without help.

Hook everyone in, and make the connections.

Skippy strategy: Open up the grape vine.