February 18, 2017



Some people are amazing at testing ragged products. They light up with possibility and intrigue – what about this, how about that, why have you done it that way, where is the thing? Hmmm. OK. Maybe you could add something here and trim that other thing that doesn’t seem to work, at least not for me? Oh, and what about …?

They love the unfinishedness of the thing.

Some people hate that. All they see are disappointments and errors. Things that don’t work, could be better, should be some place else or done another way. It’s not working, I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense. They’re not being negative, they’re being themselves.

They love things tied in a bow.

Both types are useful.

One’s a beta tester, one is your quality assurance. One helps you think, the other helps you finish.

Skippy strategy: The right horse for the right course.