September 23, 2016

I thought you said


When there’s more than one person involved, there’s plenty of room for confusion.

But I thought you said … And didn’t you mean … Hang on, I thought we said …

And that’s when you talk about it.

When you don’t talk about it, when it’s left to assumptions, when no one can quite bring themselves to say what they mean … chaos. Everyone’s doing their thing (better than doing nothing, right?) but nothing’s coherent, or coordinated, or cohesive. If we arrive anywhere together, it’s dumb luck.

That’s not good.

Talk about it, confusion. Don’t talk about it, chaos.

What to do? What should we do? Hmmm.

One solution … talk about it a LOT more.

Openly, expansively, mine for confusion, build shared understanding, confirm authority and actions. Get on with it. Review, review, review.

When there’s more than one person involved, eliminate the room for confusion.

Skippy strategy: Talk about it until the talking’s done.