October 11, 2019

Imperfect process


You hired them for a reason. It was a good reason at the time and you had good reason to believe they could do the job and were a fit for the team.

Trouble is …

The good reason evaporated: growth sometimes implies you need a long term fix for something, and then it turns into a short-term problem. The role you thought you had, you hadn’t. All the right people were involved, and all of them helped redefine business-as-usual, and they were wrong.

The fit wasn’t a fit after all: team making isn’t a science. Beyond competence, it’s gut and instinct and interviews and handshakes and alchemy. It’s looking them in the eye and seeing them. It’s an imperfect process.

For one reason or the other, no one’s to blame, it’s the way it is.

Skippy strategy: Everyone makes mistakes. Accept it was yours and do the right thing, for everyone involved.