May 12, 2019

In a room


In a room with one other person, it’s possible to say things, to chew over things, to open up about things that you wouldn’t do in a group. In a room with a group, it’s possible to say, cheap and open up things too, it’s just they’re different things. You choose your room and you choose your company.

As a manager, it’s your choice.

When the subject is the person, when it’s about individual feedback, when the subject is sensitive … it’s a one-on-one whites of the eyes situation.

When it concerns the group, good or bad, creative or prescriptive, joyous or consoling … find a way of getting more people in the room and everyone else on as fat a connection as possible.

The trouble brews when you mix locations: personal feedback inside the group, group feedback to preferred ears only.

Skippy strategy: Get the right people in the room.