July 7, 2020

In-meeting skirmish

John O'Groats

Accountability isn’t always about giving someone a hard time about the things they did and didn’t do that they should and shouldn’t have. It’s that, sometimes, but it’s as much about thinking things through and working out next steps.

At the base level, it’s about relaying the actions that were taken in relation to the plan that was agreed. If there wasn’t a plan, it’s just a war story, if there was a plan, it’s a leaning exercise based on variances.

The important part of accountability is what happens after the accounting part; based on where we are and what we now know, what’s the new plan? Without the new plan, it’s a wasted opportunity of an in-meeting skirmish, with a new plan it’s an agreement over actions and what happens next.

Skippy strategy: Actions come after every account, make sure you know what you’ll be talking about next time.