August 27, 2019

In or out


Bringing new people into the team is full of expectation and promise, and we always hope it’s going to work out well. A fresh perspective, different experiences, extra energy and undistracted focus means new faces can make a big impact in a short time.

Then there’s reality. Expectations are always a little too high, the promise is always too bold. So deal with reality and accept a longer timeframe. It takes time but things will eventually get close to where you hoped.

Sometimes though, despite even a rigorous process, things go wrong. The skill set is a mismatch, the attitude wrong, the highly touted team player is actually a solo artist running down the wing.

Building teams is sometimes as much about moving people out as moving people in. If they can’t play their part of the team, they can’t be part of it either.

Skippy strategy: In or out.