May 8, 2018

In play


If you’re in any way prepared, going in to the team meeting, you have a pretty good idea of how you’d like it to turn out. You’ve thought about it, probably more than anyone else, and your mind is pretty well set in a particular direction; A + B definitely looks a lot like C with a little wriggle-room that might turn out like D. Good to go.

And then the meeting happens.

If your team is in any way prepared, or if they have a creative spark, or if they see things through their own eyes … and if they feel the freedom to speak … things hopefully won’t end up where you expect.  

And if you’re in any way a collaborator … that’s a good thing; A + B, emboldened by X + Y, you’ll twist your way to a rather lovely Q.

Skippy strategy: Prepare, then put the meeting in play.