February 28, 2019

In the mirror


When things are going well in your organisation, there’s plenty of people who deserve a pat on the back. The folks who set thing up right, those that follow, and those that sort things out when it’s going a little screwy. There may be some superstars, but success is always a team effort.

Contrarywise, when thing aren’t going so well … in spite of the systems and the individual performance of superstars and everyone else … it’s that person in the mirror who needs to carry the can.

Take responsibility.

If the systems or the people let things down, it’s because the environment you created or allowed to propagate isn’t what it should be.

That’s not a cause for self-flagellation or finding someone to blame. It’s a call to knuckle down, do good work, and make it better.

Skippy strategy: Look in the mirror, make things better.