September 9, 2016

In the room


The meeting is set.

The key players need to be there. Who do you take?

The simple answer … the key players. Natch.

The more complex involves … egos and politics.

Someone thinks they should be included, that their position means they have to be there, that they’re important and therefore must to be involved when important things are discussed. That it’s their contact, their relationship. That they need to be there when things get decided. That their two penneth will make all the difference. That their department has to be represented. That they’re expected.

Whether with words or body language, you’ll get the message … I have to be there.

So who do you take?

The right answer … the key players.

Figure out who you need, and take them. No ego, no politics, no compromise because it’s easier.

Just the team you need.

Skippy strategy: Get the right people in the room. Always.