January 20, 2017

In the sun


Being busy people … it’s easy to miss things.

Sometimes we miss details, that something special was done, that something obvious wasn’t, that it’s another beautiful day, that person X or department Y went the extra mile.

Being brilliant people … it’s possible to notice these things, and then our busy-ness gets in the way of us doing anything about it.

Like putting it in the sun and saying, Thanks.

The things is, not saying thanks can be interpreted as taking things for granted.

Like … if he didn’t say anything about how much effort I put in or what a good job I did, maybe he didn’t notice, maybe he doesn’t care enough to notice. So why should I care? Why put all that sweat into something he takes for granted anyway? Hmm. I won’t.

Not that it works like that.

Except. Slowly. It does.

Skippy strategy: Lay things out in the sun.