May 31, 2021

In their role


When you see someone failing in their role, there are a few place to look for the cause and a few places to look for the cure. Number one on both lists is you. 

The most common reason most people fail to live up to expectations is they they don’t know what expectations they’re shooting for. They have an idea about their role, but it’s not the same idea that they’re being judged against.

The easy cure is to tell them what you expect. If there are deliverables, tell them that. If there are expected outcomes, tell them that. If they’re not living up to the values, make them clear and ensure they understand it’s not a wish list, it’s a baseline.

In other words, before you hold them accountable, make sure they understand the standards they’ve being held to.

Skippy strategy: Make your expectations clear and mine for understanding.