July 18, 2019

In this room


Every project could go better. All the actions could be aligned more closely, timed more accurately, developed more cohesively. All the players could be working more closely on more detailed game plans towards sharper deliverables and clearer overarching objectives. Priorities could be more explicit. Connections could be tighter. Communications could be more direct and wrapped with less cotton wool.

In other words, every project is sub optimal.

In other words, if you try even a tiny bit harder and improve by even the smallest amount,  your project will hit a better run average. And if you truly hook things up, if you get it working like a machine that’s nudging the flywheel, the project will spin faster and deliver bigger.

So let’s do that.

Let’s put aside, in this room, our specialisms and fiefdoms, and work on making the project sing.

Skippy strategy: First, get them focused on the project.