January 4, 2016

In touch


There will be a day when you wish you’d stayed in touch – with the customer, the colleague, the fella who used to play basketball, the mentor, the supplier, the boss who left under a cloud you never understood, that airplane acquaintance, the sparky one from the conference room coffee-break.

Two choices: forget about it, they probably forgot you; reach out anyway, what harm can it do.

One guarantees the lost opportunity, the other is a long shot (or not).

One assumes, the other questions.

One is a certain No, the other a possible Maybe.

One slips through, the other seizes the day.

Hesitating? How do you react when someone gets back in touch with you? On the merits?

Give them the same choice.

Skippy Strategy: Stay in touch, and when you don’t, get back in touch.