April 7, 2016

In your head


You could worry about it. Let it wriggle around in your there for days and days. Obsess about the potential this, the dangerous that, the what-if other. Investigate and agitate and cogitate. Google it. Second guess it. Science it. Do some tidy-your-desk aversion therapy. Generally hide from it.

In your head, it’s huge. The only thing you see.

Because, you know, it might go wrong. And then what?

The thing is … it always ends the same way.

Eventually you do it, take the plunge, have the conversation, sign on the line.

Most times it’s a ho-hum anticlimax.

Ok then. What’s next?

Some times it’s as tough as you feared.

Ok then. How do we work past this?

Either way, you’re dealing with it, and that’s better than not.

Skippy strategy: Take it out of your head and put it on the table.