July 13, 2019

Inevitable flux


Putting teams together is not science, it’s alchemy. There are all the moving parts, the personalities, the experiences and hard fought lessons learned that make each individual into the person you wanted on the team. Every time you add someone new to the mix, the variables are squared as each existing and new member works out the new dynamic and finds a new path to getting things done in the inevitable flux.

Sometimes it’s plain sailing. Five become six become seven and everything stays sunny side up.

Sometimes, most times, almost every time, the seas are choppy to rough.

The choice then is to wait out the issues in the knowledge that calmer waters are ahead, or take active measures to build the new structure, forge communication lines and build trust.

The choice is between slow and fast, passive and active, maybe and should be.

Skippy strategy: Don’t take teamwork for granted.