February 27, 2020

Inside your control


When things go wrong, and when things go wrong again and again, we gather the right people around a table and talk it out. Assuming this one is inside your control, there are two places where most of us start – a person or a process. Usually, we end up somewhere else – a system that’s designed to go wrong.

Where Tab A is badly cut, Slot B is out of alignment, the bending mechanism is bing operated without training or explanation about desired outcomes, and an absence of measures so no one knows what’s happening or when it goes wrong.

The fix: that same table, those same people, and a whiteboard to bring them all together.

The real problem isn’t that things went wrong, or that we don’t know what to do.

It’s that it took us so long to respect the problem.

Skippy strategy: Open the shutters, and respect the problem.