November 1, 2017



Your vision is clear and your mind is made – this is the way to move forward. We’ll do this, and then this, and whilst it will be hard, it’s worth the effort and all will be good with the world.

Except everyone disagrees.

A test of will, or a test of leadership?

Whichever you make it.

The chances are, you can push through with your plan. Give people no choice but to get on board or ship out. Use sheer force of will and formal authority to get what you want. “I’ll show them!”

Or … listen to the contrary voices. Engage with the alternative view. Fold new ideas and data into the thinking (maybe you missed something?). Explain, reassess. Create a process that brings your people inside your thoughts and bring them with you, wherever that take you and them.

The process is the leadership.

Skippy strategy: Bring them with you.