November 1, 2021

Interested people


It’s likely that unmotivated, undermanaged, uninterested people (the kind you don’t want on your team) will make a mess of a perfect process. They might follow the steps – and I guess the steps could be fool-proof – but they probably won’t add their smarts or their efforts, and the process on its own will produce mean to mediocre results.

It’s likely that motivated, well-led and interested people (the kind you do want) will drive around the holes in a messy process. They’ll see (and see through) the steps for what they are, add their imagination and experience, work the problem and produce great results.

Making a bet, I’d put my money on the right kind of people over the perfect process.

This doesn’t mean hire well and walk away. It means hire well, work the process, and pay attention for when the magic happens.

Skippy strategy: Hire the best people you can.