April 15, 2017

Is she the one?

Ant House

Is she the one?

Is he the one who’ll find new customers, make new contacts, do the miles and the phone calls and represent you just the way you’d like?

Is she the one who’ll manage production and bring everyone with her? Will she bring order and focus where there is chaos and confusion?

Is he the one who’ll take control of the product and tune it until it sings?Who’ll work with customers and partners and suppliers to build the thing that makes the most of the opportunity?

Is she the one who’ll make the whole thing work? Who has that mix of humility and chutzpah that brings out the best and gives everyone the confidence to turn up.

Is he the one who’ll fit right in?

So you’re hiring … is she the one?

Skippy strategy: They’re not warm bodies or worker ants. There, in there, is the one.