March 22, 2018

Is this done?


When you do a thing, it’s done. You check it off your list and move on to something else. Check. Check. Check.

Some of those things are only for yourself. You’re judge and jury on quality and completion. As long as it’s to your satisfaction, it’s a done deal.

The problem comes with everyone else. When your task contributes to a larger whole. When you prioritise in a way that they wouldn’t. When your standard for completion is different to theirs. When they’re still waiting for something you thought was finished. Most irritating … when your communications break down and someone’s left spinning in the dark.

Double check.

What would be a good result? How will we both know it’s done. Is this what you need?

Fulfilling on your commitments starts with knowing what you’re committing to. Then doing it. Then asking the question.

Skippy strategy: Check … is this done?