March 1, 2017

It breaks


We always want more. More customers, more output, more potential, more speed, more opportunity. More stuff.

It’s tempting to think that adding a little bit more won’t be too hard. That we can manage. That things will run just that little bit faster and we’ll squeeze out a little bit more productivity and that no one minds dropping just a little bit of downtime.

And that’s right.

Right up to when it’s wrong. When that little bit extra puts too much weight on the end of the line and … it breaks.

With no warning, everything falls apart. Orders, deadlines, objectives, promises. All missed. What the …!

Except there were warnings. There are always warnings. When each new thing adds more stress that it should. When even the best people seem under prepared. When everything starts to creak.

Can you hear it?

Skippy strategy: Whenever you push for more, pay attention to the noises off.