October 31, 2016

It’s about fit


Is there anyone who says it’s a good idea to hire by the shelf foot? To pull in as many applicants as necessary to employ a quota on a first-come-first-hired basis? To outsource the decision making to an agency with a cv-filtering algorithm? That when there’s work to be done and no one to do it, any warm body will do?

Or does it just seem that way?

Hiring is top of the tree on a manager’s responsibility list. It sets the standard, the tone, the expectation, the level. It starts with knowing what needs to be done and having a model for the kind of person to do it.

It’s about fit.

Character and attitude trump skills and experience four times in five. When skills and experience are mandatory, short-list for them, and decide by character and attitude anyway.

Skippy strategy: Hire for fit.