June 22, 2018

It’s boring


Let’s imagine your part of the world is split into two chunks: business-as-usual and new-stuff. 

Business-as-usual is what your team is paid to do, the things it’s relied upon to deliver, its current reason to exist. It’s defined by doing what we know to do, and a little bit better every time if possible. It’s probably not thrilling, but it pays the salaries and keeps the lights shining and likely demands the day-to-day attention of your best people (even if it’s boring).

New-stuff means bigger challenges. Not yet the new normal, it’s risky, of lower value, and has a massive potential to distract the best people from business-as-usual. Being unsafe, it’s tempting to keep your Amazing Alices from disappearing down the rabbit hole.

Things is … your best people add more value to your biggest challenges … and they’ll be happier doing it too.

Skippy strategy: Put your best people on your biggest challenges.