February 13, 2016

It’s lonely in here


The loneliest places can be full of people.

Inside even a fully-functioning team where everyone’s pointed in the same direction, knows where they’re going and are highly motivated to get there, it can be pretty lonely work. Head down, running as hard as hard, fighting the good fight – everyone so very busy on their own thing – it’s easy to feel detached, like your zigging on your own and everyone else is zagging, together, beautifully.

The answer is to take time to link arms, break bread, chew the fat. Remind everyone that we celebrate success, commiserate failure, and compare notes on the price of eggs, together. This isn’t a once a month or quarter shin-dig kind of thing, it’s the breath of daily progress.

Breathe in, breath out, reach in, reach out.

Skippy Strategy: Digital or actual, smiley-face or arm round shoulders. Be a friend, keep things together.