June 29, 2019

It’s theirs


Bringing new things into the world, whether a product or service or process or any kind of change, you naturally focus on the critical stage gates.

The start is one thing – so you clarify the vision and kick things off with a kicking things off kick-off. Then the milestones and finish line – so you organise for them, prioritise around them, communicate about them, and celebrate hitting them.

Along the way, if you’re lucky – or if you take the trouble to make it happen – you get the momentum that ensures the end game is inevitable. Where the players and the plans and the determination is there, where the commitment is clear and everyone’s nudging the flywheel.

How to make it happen? Create the space to include every player in the planning … so it’s not your vision, it’s theirs.

Skippy strategy: Get out of the way to get their buy-in.