April 27, 2019

Jigsaw box


Bringing new people into the team presents a problem of context.

At it’s simplest big-block level of detail, what you and your organisation does is pretty easy to understand. Inputs, added value, outputs. This kind of service, that kind of product. It fits here.

Below that, layer after layer of detail.

We get practiced at describing the top level – to customers, partners, suppliers, significant others. We live inside the lowest level and understand it intimately.

For new people, to be productive, getting from the top-most superficial level to the place where they can start adding value can be made easier if you give them a way to navigate. A diagram, map, flow chart, architectural drawing, something. Something lets them see not only the specifics of the tasks at hand, but where they fit and how they contribute. An watch it click into place.

Skippy strategy: The picture on the jigsaw box.