September 25, 2020

Job four


If the first job is to build a team who know what they’re doing and are motivated to do it, the second job is to give them things to do. Not in a micromanagement way, but in a vision and challenge and deliverables kind of way. Job three: provide the resources and get out of the way.

And soon, everyone will be busy. Including you.

Job four then, is to delegate more, to find a way to let go of all the things that can be done by other people, and only do the things that can be done only by you. Your list, with honesty and humility, will be very short. It probably won’t involve very much time doing actual things and will involve heaps of time thinking, talking, and keeping everyone true to the vision and challenge and deliverables.

Skippy strategy: Don’t get buried in the day to day.