August 24, 2019

Job titles


Job titles. Get them wrong and they’re confusing at best and demotivating or distracting at worst. Get them right and they’re … ho hum.

Job titles aren’t important. They’re just labels. They don’t say anything explicit about contribution or value or responsibilities.

Job titles are important. They tell us, our colleagues and everyone around us something about our role and where we fit in the scheme of things.

Job titles are meaningless. Or silly. When all three people in a team are Chief Something Officers. When they’re given as false distinctions and ego boosters. Senior Senior.

Job titles are meaningful. The person who takes care of something, the one who does the work on something, responsible for, in charge of, in the team.

Job titles are necessary. So give them the respect they deserve and get them working for benefit of the team.

Skippy strategy: Match expectations with titles.