December 21, 2019

Keep shaping


In project work, in growth, in an interesting life, you’re not hiring for rinse and repeat – when you need more of the same people to do more of the same work – you’re hiring for jobs that haven’t been done before in situations that haven’t been dealt with before. 

With all the moving parts, you’re going to make mistakes.

Mistakes about the work that needs doing and how it’s split, who you hire and where you place them, how the hierarchy works and who manages whom, what’s the plan today and how it will change on Tuesday.

That doesn’t mean mistakes are ok so leave them alone to sort themselves out. It doesn’t mean stop trying to make sense of it all. 

It does mean deal with the mistakes, human and organisational. It means keep shaping today and every day until it’s right.

Skippy strategy: Deal with your mistakes today.