March 3, 2020

Kind of surprise


The only way you get and stay on the same page is to talk about it talk about it talk about it, then talk about it some more. Every day. Every hour of every day. It’s not that you’re trying to make it difficult, it’s not that you’re looking for ways to stray, it’s that keeping two people, or four or forty is impossible whenever new information enters part of the frame that another part can’t see – and it’s entering that frame all the time.

That’s an argument for finding every opportunity to update and giving no latitude for squirrelling away, making independent leaps in the dark. Take a step, update. Take a step, update.

The downside: it takes away the element of the good kind of surprise.

The upside: it takes away the element of the bad kind of surprise.

Skippy strategy: Try to keep surprises for birthdays.