March 23, 2020

Know (or cancel)


There’s always a why.

It might be that we’re entering a period of emmence opportunity, too much in fact, so we need to make decisions about which rabbits to chase.

It might be that the process is muddled and no one knows what or how they’re supposed to contribute, so we’re here to soft the wheat from the chafing inefficiencies.

It might be time to compare notes because everyone’s been busy since last time and we need to make sure we’re all within shouting distance of the same page.

It might be that we always have this meeting, so here we are again, even though there’s nothing much to say and no benefit to be had.

There’s always a doubt about spending the time, and there’s always a why. When setting up or starting the time, let them know (or cancel).

Skippy strategy: Let them know why it’s worth it.