December 8, 2015

Learning together


Building a team isn’t as easy as putting a bunch of people on the field of play. That way, England’s footballing failures and every company that runs in silos.

Without teamwork, it’s possible to be reasonably high performing – self-reliant functionally excellent people can achieve a lot – but they won’t make it to the play-offs, where it’s the differentiator.

What is a team anyway?


People working together. The whole greater than the parts. Knowing, appreciating and relying on the contribution of others.

How would I get one?

Slowly, probably.

It can take time to learn how to act as a unit – especially if success, so far, was based on the individual. Hours in a room together, digging holes together, filling them in together, solving problems together, telling stories together, building trust together, understanding together, defining goals together, winning together, learning together.

The thing about teams … they work, together.

Skippy Strategy: You can speed the process, but accept it’s a long game.