November 12, 2019

Leave out the lines


When it comes to the org chart, you can leave out the lines if you like. It might preserve some delicate egos and give them the chance to imagine they report somewhere else, or don’t report, or have a level of seniority that may or may not be true. Might work. Might.

Most times though (which is code for every time), clarity works better. It works better because it forces things into the open. Everyone knows where they stand and to whom they report. No room for fantasy and … more important … no room for confusion. And confusion is the killer of productivity, progress, direction, decisions, action. If I’m confused, I don’t know where to turn. If I’m clear, it’s a straight line to where I need to go. Decision made, action taken.

Skippy strategy: Don’t worry about bruised egos, take action to give clear direction and accountability.