April 23, 2017

Let them sink


Everyone likes to know that what they’re woking on matters and that they’re not just a faceless operator on some meaningless assembly line. That their contribution counts. That someone’s paying attention. That someone cares … that you, specifically, care.

The way to let them down?

Don’t give feedback. Don’t ask their opinion. Don’t notice when they have a cold, or a haircut, or happy face or a sad one. Don’t invite them in to the conversation. Don’t tell them how their contribution adds to the whole. Don’t show them where they fit. Don’t respond when they ask for help.

Let them sink.

A better idea … put your arm around them and bring them in. Show them how to get the best from you. Let them know that you’re successful when they’re successful. That you want to help. That you care.

Skippy strategy: On the team means … not in the dark.