November 1, 2016

Letting go


Learning to walk, you have to let go. There’s only so much shuffling along, holding on to tables and chairs, that you can do. It takes you so far, but not all the way. In the end, it’s an act of faith that things will be ok. And when they’re not, when you find yourself on your arse, you pick yourself up and try again. It’s they way it’s always been done. It how you learn.

And if it works for you, it works for everyone else too.

First with easy projects (just across the room), then non-critical (carrying the ball), over time building complexity and confidence and skills.

Your job is to let them go.

Push them to take responsibility for themselves and their projects, let them stumble, and let them dust down their own trousers after the fall.

Skippy strategy: Letting go … works for both of you.