September 10, 2015

Levels of discomfort


Everyone has their own level for discomfort with unknowns.

Some of us handle weeks of ambiguity and rough guesses with a flick of the wrist, others’ temples pulse when things stray by more than a standard deviation.

These are non-negotiable positions. If you are one and you have the other on your team, there’s no way to argue them into your comfort level.

First trick is to learn to accept they live at their level – they’re not hassling or ignoring you, they’re just dealing with discomfort.

Second trick, use the talents. Running off the leash is risky, nailing everything to the floor prevents progress. Bounce off each others preference to find a system of check-ins, updates and joint projects that keeps everyone in line of sight without cramping their creativity.

The most important trick of all … when discomfort prickles your neck, talk about it. Together.

Skippy Strategy: Let them know the when, and how much, of what you like to know. Find a comfortable place together.