June 8, 2021

Like beauty


A team, like beauty, is formed from the harmonious arrangement of elements, not from the elements themselves. You can have a bunch of extremely talented individuals without them forming a team. And then there’s everything in between. Less harmonious teams, more teamly individuals, more organised or more disharmonious, a greater buy-in to the common goal and a general agreement on the method or everyone aiming at different targets and working on their own ideas of what the plan should be.

Against better instincts and all wisdom, some would rather manage the ugly disharmony.

At face value, on any day, with only half a beat of thought, we all know what teams are and how they work. Most of us, most of the time, agree that a high performing team will be a better bet than a host of extraordinary individuals.

Skippy strategy: Aim for a harmonious arrangement of the elements.