May 4, 2019

Little nuggets


It’s a little bit tempting to think of information as personal, or proprietary, or power. That if you know something, it’s your little nugget to do with as you please. That you can hold that information close, share it or use it in any way or time or place you like. And that’s true. What’s less clear, is whether that’s a smart choice or not.

Most times in most teams the best place for most information is right there in the middle of the table where everyone can see it, knows about it, and can put it in context with their own little nuggets.

The point being that most information benefits from network effects.

Excluding the obviously private, take an active role in sharing what you know, because you don’t know just how important your piece of the jigsaw may be.

Skippy strategy: Big things, insignificant details … get them out there.