June 25, 2016

Lo Fi


If they don’t get what you’re talking about – when you’re waving your hands in the air kinda-sorta describing how the website or product or building will look or how the money will flow or how the prototype will work – then what you really need is a model.

Something to hang on to. Something that lets them see – in the show-don’t-tell kind of way. Something they can process with more parts of their brain than the one that’s saying, huh?

And strangely, most times, the worse the model the better the model.

Too accurate, and everyone focuses on details that can’t be accurate – this number, that finial, those features.

LoFi, and everyone is forced to deal the concepts before the concrete. So when they get it, they get it from the ground up.

Think hand drawn, flow chart, white board level of detail.

Skippy strategy: Models maketh momentum.