September 26, 2016

Long fingers


My! What long fingers you have.

With authority comes influence and the ability to shine light into dark and exciting places. Show some interest, encourage change, highlight positives or negatives, damn with faint praise, pay attention, promote, dismiss, cast into  the wilds, bring close to the fire.

With authority comes influence and the potential for bottleneck. With you involved others stand back, waiting … waiting … waiting for the nod, deferring, not saying what they think or doing what they should, standing in line for their moment near the fire.

Whatever your role, you have influence.

To get things done and to get in the way.

Every action, every flick of your eyes, when you pick up litter on the way through the office, every time you take or release control – leave more ripples than you see.

 Skippy strategy: Watch where your fingers are poking.