December 24, 2017

Longer at the start


There’s the muddled way.

It’s based on a stream of consciousness with no thought toward understanding. It bubbles to the surface and floats away without the intervention of logic. To find meaning takes head scratching and cross referencing and double checking. It takes the listener seven times as long to work out than it takes the speaker to utter. It’s the path for confusion, waste, reworking, mistakes.

Then there’s the clear way.

It starts with a desire to be understood, to eliminate mistakes and confusion, to keep everyone moving, to make haste. It takes less speed. Slowing down for a few minutes to aid comprehension and find order, to help onward communication … it means writing things down.

It takes a little longer at the start and saves misery along the way.

It puts the burden on the producer, not the consumer.

Skippy strategy: Ever clearer.