October 28, 2019

Lots of maybes


Building your team means meeting lots of maybes. Maybe this is the one, maybe they’ll fit the team, maybe their experience is real, maybe they did the things they say they did. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe they were in the room when things happened, important things, but they’re talking about reflected glories, not something they actually worked on. Maybe they did.

You can take their stories at face value. Maybe. Maybe it’s better to dig a little deeper. Ask them why they did what they did, the reason behind the decision that led to the success they’ve put on their CV, the process they went to as they hopped from spot to spot.

Maybe they can sketch it out. Show you the dots. To turn the spigot and show their experience, not just tell you about it.

Skippy strategy: Take it at face value, then dig a little deeper.