September 2, 2019

Lunch and listen


 New starters start with a few ideas and a lot of questions. You give them a laptop, a place to sit and something to do, colleagues to work with, objectives to pursue, opportunities to chase, situations to handle – all you can think they need.

After a month, they’ll have a bunch of better ideas and a whole lot more questions.

So sit down with them. Offsite. Somewhere neutral. Lunch. Friendly. Open.

Get them talking and listen. Hard.

They’ll tell you things you know about your team – and things you don’t know. Ideas for what needs work and how to make it better – some of which you’ve heard before, some you haven’t.

They’ll ask you things. What needs explaining, what needs explaining better, where you need to be clearer, why things are so. Sometimes there are no good answers.

Skippy strategy: After a month or two – time to lunch and listen.