October 13, 2017

Make minutes


It’s the end of the meeting. Lots of energy, lots of positives. What we decided today means plenty to us and plenty to plenty of others we work with. The room clears.

Now what?

Everything slows down. People go back to their desks to get on with their day job. Twenty four hours pass. The energy’s gone and who knows what’s happening? You’re reliant on good intentions, precise memories, self motivations and the hope that the next time you all get together … everyone’s done their bit. Whatever that means.

Or … write it down. Make minutes in a form that works for you. Make them a shared memory; this is what we decided. Check-in against them, report their progress, check them off. Next time you meet, deal with variances of action, not “I thought you meant” confusion.

Skippy strategy: She who controls the past … makes things happen in the future.