August 13, 2021

Making allowances


There are people, probably on your team, who have all the attributes you’re looking for but who only kinda-sorta fit the role they’re given. And that’s ok as long as they understand what they’re up to, can pull off the task, and actually want to play their part in that role.

What’s not ok is when any one of those three requirements are off the table. The team can’t overlook a player who doesn’t grok what they’re up to or can’t fulfil on the requirement – and when that happens, you have no choice but to find someone who can. The conundrum seems to come when someone doesn’t want the job, but is capable. You find yourself making allowances, letting negative behaviour slide, giving them a break.

The result: the job gets done grudgingly, and the entire team suffers a breakdown in trust.

Skippy strategy: It takes understanding, capability and desire.