August 13, 2016

Making spaces


Leadership isn’t much about being out front, leading the charge. Some, but not much.

Nor is it barking instructions, urging forward, demanding compliance. Some, but not much.

Mostly it’s about making spaces where people can do their thing. The trick is working out the size and shape of the space for each person or group on the team. The shape that fits the experience and talents of the people and the demands of the project.

In some cases, the space is small with careful monitoring. Other times – with you’re best people? – it’s broad and long with expansive range and rich autonomy.

The space changes every day.

– Things going well, familiar turf, reducing risk? More space.

– Things off track, new parameters, increasing importance? Less space, more support.

Everything in between … you decide, ideally together, eyes wide open, based on reality.

Skippy strategy: Make spaces where brilliance can shine.