January 6, 2024

Managing is nudging


Much of managing is nudging.

Pointing people in the right direction, clearing a path, making connections, doing the little things so the team can do the big things, suggesting routes around issues, stronger-faster-higher behaviours, setting an example.

You’re not doing the work for your team, you’re nudging them to move along in the right direction with an attitude and work ethic that fits in with the way you’d like things to be done around here. You’re nurturing the individuals and the culture and building the team you imagine. One nudge at a time.

When that’s not enough, other options are available – when nudges aren’t compounding, headway is too slow, not enough progress and you’re falling behind the curve – alrighty then.

Most times though – whether for a single person, a team or a company – you’re job is to create the conditions where they take their own leaps.

Skippy strategy: Nudge, nearly always.